Forget about Passion,
Merlot’s our Obsession.


  • “The old Aus clone D3V14, generally regarded as poor, and new clones 8R and Q45 that are seen as the likely saviours of merlot with their vastly improved qualities.” ~ James Halliday March 2019
  • “Unlike any other Australian Merlot I know” ~ Philip White
  • Philip loved "watching it prove you can achieve all this without the normal ocker gooey jammy flavour-stifling alcohol"
  • “The wines they’re producing with these new clones are at the forefront of a revival of top-quality Merlot in Australia.” ~ Max Allen AFR
  • “MERITE is doing great things with Merlot, though this Malbec too was a standout in a recent tasting.” ~ Mike Bennie GTWine

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